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How everything started

The history of Bibia Logistics goes back to the 1940s. Even at this time, bicycles were very popular in the Netherlands and were often used as a means of transport. This created the problem of how to attach the objects to be transported to the bicycle. As is well known, necessity makes inventive and so old truck inner tubes were cut and used as elastic tires for bicycles.

Dutch entrepreneurship led to the foundation of Bibia with this business idea. The number of bicycles increased enormously and with it the need for elastics. The tension straps were supplemented with metal hooks and could easily be attached to bicycles. Continuous product development has resulted in elastic tension straps being designed for different purposes. For example, they are also an ideal solution for roll containers.

Paul Bul takes over Bibia

The year 1990 was a new milestone in the company's history: Mr. Paul Bul took over Bibia. With fresh ideas, he modernized the company, expanded the range with bicycle accessories and added new product locations. The wishes of the customer are always central. Tension rubbers remain the core product, but Bibia quickly became a well-known brand for reflective tapes and safety products. In addition, the product group lashing straps for roll containers with elastic and textile lashing straps is being expanded.

The focus on tension straps for roll containers

Due to the very different target groups, the company was split up in 2002. The entire bicycle division is sold to the Dutch company Widek, which to this day produces and sells high-quality bicycle accessories under the brand name Bibia. Paul Bul establishes Orientec Trading BV and focuses entirely on lashing straps for roll containers, which are further developed and sold under the brand name Bibia Logistics.

Orientec Trading, known by the Biba Logistics brand, can now look back on more than 70 years of company history. During this time, more than 100 million tension belts were produced. These years of experience and the innovative product development have made them the market leader in the field of rubber lashing straps for roll containers.


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